2024 Kiva Club Registration

Join us for the 2024 KIVA Club season!
Tryouts start this fall! We hope to see you there!

Where Champions Come to Train

Coaching and training are the essential ingredients to a successful & FUN club experience. KIVA offers the most experienced coaching staff in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. KIVA prides itself on providing the latest in training techniques and methods both in volleyball skills and physical conditioning.

why kiva

KIVA has established itself as one of the leading junior volleyball clubs in the country. Through our excellent tradition, KIVA provides the exposure necessary for collegiate scholarship opportunities.

In over 22 years of existence, KIVA has:

  • Enabled 344 young ladies, approx. 95% of our seniors attend college on an athletic scholarship
  • 52 National Championships (AAU - JVA - USA)
  • 162 Medal Finishes (AAU - JVA - USA)


Kiva offers programs for various levels of skill including, National, Regional, and Development programs